Computer Repair and IT Management Services

What We Do:

We design and implement new and update existing networks. Custom-made servers are our specialty. Servicing a wider array of computer equipment than any firm in the Bay area and beyond. This is our history and legacy. Computer Repair and IT Management Services is what we do. We are factory authorized for computer repairs on a majority of makes and models of computers, servers, printers, notebooks and networking equipment. With over 30 years of experience necessary to service most obsolete as well as current equipment, you can only win when you have us do your computer repair. When high-tech help is needed, you can rest assured that the highly skilled staff at IT Management Consulting Group can handle all your problems. Let the IT Coach resolve your Microsoft Network issues today.  Moving to the cloud?  No problem for the “Coach”.  We will help you in your quest for better computing.

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Computer Repair

The IT Management Consulting Group fixes viruses and ransomware.  Need your computer to run faster? We will give you free advice and do it for you if you like.  Got an Internet or Email problem?  Just call us for our free network analysis.  Our comprehensive 16 Point Analysis is totally free and awesome.  We make House-Calls too. If you are in any major US City, we can be at your Home or Business within the same or next day and most of the time there is no charge for travel.

Do you want to do it yourself?  We work with lots of companies and individuals who just need occasional help and assistance.  Just ask about our lower-cost remote maintenance agreements which can save you time and money.  Our remote servers can detect and warn you about issues like viruses, as needed updates before they can cause real problems.  Computer repair and IT Management Services is what we do.