IT Management Consulting Group is all about:

  • IT (information technology) management is a broad term for how our team makes information systems function effectively.  Think of IT management as the way technology and business operations align to meet business objectives.
  • Business and IT alignment: integrating business objectives with IT systems to improve an organization’s outcomes
  • Securing IT with its local and remote structures with the use of SOC (Security operation centers) and NOC (Network operation centers) centers
  • Business intelligence: technologies that turn raw data about an organization into meaningful information, in the form of charts, dashboards, reports, and tables
  • Web and application development: building AI web-based software to enhance customer experience
  • Virtualization: helping organizations achieve faster backup and recovery of data
  • Cloud computing: helping organizations mobilize a remote workforce, store and sync data, automate processes, and manage customer relationships
  • IT finance management: calculating the cost of delivering IT services and monitoring how an organization uses them
  • Project management: planning, scheduling, and executing IT projects within an organization
  • Sourcing: the process of sourcing IT systems that an organization does not develop internally
  • IT systems management: the process of making sure IT systems consistently perform as expected, repairing and upgrading as needed.
  • IT infrastructure and technology management: all the tools used to operate IT within a company, including software and hardware

How We Manage IT Repairs:

We service a wider array of IT and computer equipment than any firm in the San Francisco Bay area. We are factory-authorized for in-warranty repairs on the most popular models. Our experienced technicians have the background necessary to service most obsolete or discontinued models as well. We offer personal computer repair on laptops, notebooks, desktops, and printers.  Data Recovery, Data Recovery Software, and Network Diagnosis are specialties we offer.  Ask about our Free remote diagnosis and repair.  No repair is too small or too large. The It Management Consulting Group is here to help individuals and businesses.

Multi-Vendor Computer Support

One vendor, one call. The IT Management Consulting Group offers full service and support for thousands of computer products, including systems from Compaq, Digital, NEC,  Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Okidata, Printronix, ‘No-Name’ clones, and much more. Customers have the convenience and cost-efficiency while dealing with one vendor for all of their information technology products. Our research department can identify most product’s origin – with or without a brand name!

Data Recovery

Cost Effective Data Recovery with fast turnaround.  Evaluation can be done while you wait.  Why would you send your valuable drive away to a mystery company with little or no chance to know if your data can be “saved.”   You might even lose it all if the wrong company opens your drive.   We let you know right away and in many cases while you wait.  

Nation-wide Service Available